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Office / Home /HotSpot Internet Configuration Switch

Application Microsoft® Internet Explorer® Version 1.00
Author OfficeHelp
Tested on versions: 6.0 - should work on any version from Office 97

Easily switch IE (Internet Explorer) connection settings between Corporate and Home / Public Hotspot (wireless) network settings

Have a corporate Laptop? Can't use IE (Internet Explorer) at home or on public wireless HotSpots? 

Corporate networks have extra security levels and don’t let their users to directly connect to the Internet. An intermediate server, also known as a Proxy, is usually necessary. But it is only available at the Office, so it will prevent Internet connection from home or a public wireless hotspot.

Most times, IE (Internet Explorer) is configured to automatically detect the network it is connected to and to adjust. If this is the case, you should have no problems using different networks. But many other times the proxy has to be manually configured. In this case, the browser will look for it when trying to connect, regardless of which network you're connected to. And, if you're not in office, it won't find it. Because it only exists in the corporate network. Internet access on public and ISP networks is direct, it doesn't use a proxy (much less the one from your office!).

Of course, you can manually change the browser connection settings manually, on and off. All you have to do is:

  1. Select Internet Options from the Tools Menu;
  2. Select the Connections tab;
  3. Open the LAN Settings button;
  4. Swap the Proxy state checkbox ON/OFF

Don't worry about the proxy settings when turning it off. The browser will deactivate it but will remember them later, when you turn it on again. But, if you're unsure, just write it on a paper for backup in case you need to manually restore it.

The easy way to change it

Really easy to use, just open the Excel file with the macro and press the "Run" button to swap the network state:

Network Configurator Screen Shot

PIC. 1 - Screen Shot from the Network Configurator

The RED sentence on the picture is the current state. It will update itself when the file is open, to reflect the latest configuration, and will change every time you press the SWAP button. So you always know what network setting is active.

Try it. It's FREE to Download

Click the link below to download the FREE Excel macro:

Download your FREE DEMO here! 

Why do I get a Macro security warning when opening the Plan Generator ? 

There are no security risks associated with this Macro! However, a generic warning message will be displayed on most systems, or Macros may be disabled. For a general overview of Macro security issues, read this article.

Macros are a very useful tool to automate tasks in Office. Unfortunately, like another programming language, it can be misused. There are office Macro Virus, so office can be configured to request permission to run macros. Only run macros from known sources. OfficeHelp macros are Virus Free and can be open with confidence. Office XP/2003 Warning: Macros may need to be activated. Follow instructions on the message Excel XP/2003 will show, if necessary. Read this article for additional information.

Help - The button doesn't work but there are no warnings 

If you can open the Excel file (both the DEMO and/or the commercial version) and get no warnings but the button just won't work, you have Macro support disabled on Excel. Please refer (click here) to our article on Macro security issues for information on how to configure Microsoft Office Macro security settings.

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