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00012- How to create PDF files from Microsoft® Office documents  
If you know how to print documents, then you can generate your own PDF files using the tools you already use to produce documents, like office suites. There are several alternatives, from the powerful official (paid) option of buying Adobe Acrobat full suite to free utilities capable of making them from your originals.
00003- How to read Microsoft® Outlook emails without firing the Read Receipt  
Read Microsoft® Outlook email, including attachments, without firing the read receipt, even on corporate email systems. No IT specialist needed!
00017- Making Microsoft® Outlook email/contacts/calendar backups  
Do you use Outlook to store your email? Do you have email archives that include almost all your professional life from the last few years? If you're anything like most regular users, losing your email archives would be a professional catastrophe. Learn how to backup Outlook's data files on this tutorial.
00032- SUPERHIDE Microsoft® Excel sheets  
Anyone knows how to hide Excel sheets – meaning anyone knows how to UNHIDE them. What if you could hide Excel sheets so well that it would take a hacker to unhide it?
00025- Password protect your Microsoft® Office files  
Have you ever desired to password protect an Office document (either Excel, Word, PowerPoint or other)? It's easier than you think. Learn how, it's free! No more unwanted peeks into your files.
00021- Insert Automatic Tables of Contents in Microsoft® Word  
Most large text documents are divided in chapters and need a Table of Contents. But making one manually is an annoyance and highly impractical. Change the text and you have to update all your page numbers. It is impossible to do without error for long, But there is a solution. Let Word do the Table of Contents for you, automatically - including page numbers and chapter title updates. Learn how on this useful 5-minute tip. Make more professional looking documents with this trick.
00020- Recover damaged Microsoft® Outlook Email Archives  
You open Outlook and get an worrying error message: your email / calendar / contacts file is corrupted and can't be opened. You've just lost everything on it!!! Well, not exactly. It is possible to recover the file, partially or even totally, usually with a small loss of the message that provoked the corruption. All with a free utility Microsoft (r) already included on Windows but forgot to tell.
00019- AutoSave Documents in Microsoft® Office  
Have you ever lost the work of a full afternoon? Just finishing your afternoon long document and the electric power fails. You remember to save regularly, didn't you? Oops. Learn how to make office automatically save your work every N minutes (you choose how many) in easy tip. Never loose your work again. Works with Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
00016- Insert footnotes in Microsoft® Word  
Ever read a professional document with numbered footnotes on the bottom of each page? Would like to replicate them on your Word documents? It is really easy, Word will even take care of the numbering for you. Learn how on this useful 5-minute tip. Make more professional looking documents with this trick.
00015- Copy text formats in Microsoft® Word  
Recognize the problem? You're typing a word document and the text is in a different format from another document or even part of the same document. You need to harmonize. So you need to check the format of the source document and manually apply each format to the new text, right? WRONG. It is possible to copy formats between blocks of text, from the same or different documents, as easily as copy/paste. Save time and trouble formatting professional looking word documents.
00011- Save Time, Save Microsoft® Excel Working Context - Not Just Files  
Microsoft(r) Excel is one of the most widely used software's in the world and many use it intensively for advanced calculations and complex projects. Learn how to SAVE TIME AND EFFORT by preserving ALL your working context between Excel sessions.
00007- Where and How to find "Safe" Free Software?  
The Internet is full of free software, but it’s not always easy to find what we want. Also, there is an increasing trend for the replacement of “Free” software with AdWare, advertisement supported software riddled with SPYWARE that will spy on your browsing habits and display annoying adds.
00005- Detecting and Removing Browser Hijackers  
Browser Hijackers are small applications that auto-install from WebPages using bugs in Internet Explorer. They can redirect your browser home and search pages, or worst, send to their makers all keystrokes you make (including your passwords and credit card details).
00004- How to manage Macro security in Microsoft® Office  
Macros are useful software applications that run inside other applications, like Office packages, to allow for customization and automations of common tasks. However, there are some security risks associated with Macros. Therefore, to be able to safely run macros, the Office security settings may have to be properly configured.

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