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ExMiniTools - Utilities Toolbar for Microsoft® Excel®

Application Microsoft Excel Version 2.00
Author OfficeHelp
Tested on versions: 2000 (9.0), XP (10.0), 2003 (11.0), 2007 (12.0), 2010 (14.0), 2013, 2016 - should work on any version from Office 97

Additional Functions & 1 Click Buttons for Excel® with AUTOMATIC SORTING (data changed? just recalculate to sort), EXACT COPY/PASTE (no formula changes), COMPARE FORMULAS in 2 ranges, COUNT UNIQUE values in ranges, RANK numbers in a range (is it the 1st or 4th?), RESTORE ADDIN FUNCTIONS (automatically remove file path from functions), apply ALTERNATE BACKGROUNDS (Row/Column) for easier table reading, automatically REMOVE #ERRORS and 1 Click access to 9 common features.

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