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New Free PC TIPS? What's new in March 2005?

Date Published: 3/10/2005 Version: 1.00
OfficeHelp.Biz March 2005 News

Hello! Welcome to OfficeHelp.Biz March 2005 Newsletter. We have a lot of new contents, with the promised emphasis on FREE PC Tips. 

There was a lot of Newsletter subscriptions since our last tips were published so we decided that some more would be published before this newsletter was sent, even if the ones promised for March where already on the website.

We added a second tutorial, long articles with detailed, illustrated and step-by-step instructions on how to perform a single but important task. The subject was the backup of Outlook Email (and Contacts and Calendar) Archive files.

Our Internet Explorer Privacy Macro is still to be published. It proved to be harder to implement than expected, but it should be ready in March. With it, you will be able to delete Internet Explorer's navigation trail on your PC (all records IE makes of what you've been seeing on the internet) as well as the recent file list of some common picture editing applications included in Windows and Office: Paint and Photo Editor. Since it is an Excel Macro, it runs inside Excel and doesn't need to be installed. As such, it will run on most PCs, even corporate ones.

Recently added Contents

  • TUTORIAL: Making Outlook email backups Do you use Outlook to store your email? Do you have email archives that include almost all your professional life from the last few years? If you're anything like most regular users, losing your email archives would be a professional catastrophe. While corporate IT departments usually backup all email stored on the server, local archives on your own hard drive are at risk, both at home and the office. Learn how to backup the email archive files on this tutorial. Save yourself from this impending catastrophe
  • PC TIP: Autosave Documents in Office Have you ever lost the work of a full afternoon? Just finishing your afternoon long document and the electric power fails. You remember to save regularly, didn't you? Oops. Learn how to make office automatically save your work every N minutes (you choose how many) in easy tip. Never loose your work again. Works with Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • PC TIP: Copy text formats in MS Word Recognize the problem? You're typing a word document and the text is in a different format from another document or even part of the same document. You need to harmonize. So you need to check the format of the source document and manually apply each format to the new text, right? WRONG. It is possible to copy formats between blocks of text, from the same or different documents, as easily as copy/paste. Save time and trouble formatting professional looking word documents.
  • PC TIP: Insert footnotes in MS Word Ever read a professional document with numbered footnotes on the bottom of each page? Would like to replicate them on your Word documents? It is really easy, Word will even take care of the numbering for you. Learn how on this useful 5-minute tip. Make more professional looking documents with this trick.

New Contents to be published during March 2005

The following contents is intended for publication1 during March, in time for the April Newsletter:

  • MACRO: Internet Explorer Privacy Manager, in Excel Every time you use your browser, it will register information about the pages you visited. This can be annoying and even misused. You can manually clear most of this information, but it is a time consuming process. There are commercial software around to clean it, but they are expensive and cannot be used on corporate PCs, where software installation is usually locked to end-users. Want to easily and fast clean all the records IE makes about your browsing? This macro is an excel file and will run on any computer with Excel just by pressing one button. Clean your navigation trail.
  • PC TIP: Repair Outlook email archives You open Outlook and get an worrying error message: your email / calendar / contacts file is corrupted and can't be opened. You've just lost everything on it!!! Well, not exactly. It is possible to recover the file, partially or even totally, usually with a small loss of the message that provoked the corruption. All with a free utility Microsoft (r) already included on Windows but forgot to tell.
  • PC TIP: Insert Automatic Tables of Contents in MS Word Most large text documents are divided in chapters and need a Table of Contents. But making one manually is an annoyance and highly impractical. Change the text and you have tom update all your page numbers. It is impossible to do without error for long, But there is a solution. Let Word do the Table of Contents for you, automatically - including page numbers and chapter title updates. Learn how on this useful 5-minute tip. Make more professional looking documents with this trick.

1 This list is a forecast and doesn't guarantee publication of the listed contents

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