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Insert footnotes in Microsoft® Word

Application Microsoft® Word® Version 1.00
Author OfficeHelp
Tested on versions: 2000 (9.0) - should work on any version from Office 97

Ever read a professional document with numbered footnotes on the bottom of each page? Would like to replicate them on your Word documents? It is really easy, Word will even take care of the numbering for you. Learn how on this useful 5-minute tip. Make more professional looking documents with this trick.

Footnotes are numbered references that appear on the main text indexing small text notes on the bottom of each page. Endnotes, similar to them, will appear on the end of the document instead of each page footer. They are very easy to insert and Word will take care of most of the work for you.

How it Works 

It is really simple. Just follow these steps:

1) While inserting a block of text, place the typing cursor just after the word you want to have the numbered footnote::

Ever read a professional document with numbered

2) Select Footnote on the Insert menu

Insert Footnote Menu Options

3) You have a short dialog where you can choose footnote/endnote and automatic/manual numbering. Leave the default options on for this case.

Footnote/Endnote Dialog

4) Insert the footnote text on the bottom of the page, on the newly generated are for the effect.

Footnote text insertion area

5) The number will appear in a small superscript type next to the place the typing cursor was:

Ever read a professional document with numbered1 |

Each footnote will have its own number. If you want to repeat the number in a different place on the main text, insert its number manually on the dialog window.

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