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Design Chart Templates for Microsoft® Excel®

The easiest way to create design charts. Check the samples, enter your own data and watch as your charts update. Multiple different charts from the same data, with many automatic calculations made for you. No code, macros, formulas or other complicated stuff. Just fill in YOUR data and watch the charts update automatically.

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Automatically update hundreds of PowerPoint slides from Excel in minutes
Quickly and easily generate your own Org Charts in Excel
Easily make your own home and office calendars for Microsoft® Excel®!
Calendar Templates with Holidays (USA / UK / Australia / Canada) for Excel
Make stylish Planner Calendars - CUSTOM Version
All CALENDARS at once!
Calendar Templates 2007 with Holidays for Excel
Make stylish Planner Calendars - ADVANCED Version
All TEMPLATES at once!
Make stylish Planner Calendars
Make stylish Planner Calendars - BASIC Version
Calendar Plan - Year Planner Template
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00045- New Major Excel Macro Release - OfficeHelp.Biz July 2006 News
It’s been 6 months since our last newsletter (early December). Newsletetrs from OfficeHelp.Biz are only sent when there is relevant new content, as happen this month. Our main product, the Excel based Calendar Plan Generator, has a brand new version with 9 brand new features, including 2 new types of Calendars (Monthly and Yearly), Outlook data import and FULL customization. There are also 2 new FREE PC Tips, regarding privacy and Office automation. Check them below on this newsletter.
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