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Design Chart Templates for Microsoft® Excel®

The easiest way to create design charts. Check the samples, enter your own data and watch as your charts update. Multiple different charts from the same data, with many automatic calculations made for you. No code, macros, formulas or other complicated stuff. Just fill in YOUR data and watch the charts update automatically.

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Quickly and easily generate your own Org Charts in Excel
Easily make your own home and office calendars for Microsoft® Excel®!
Calendar Templates with Holidays (USA / UK / Australia / Canada) for Excel
Make stylish Planner Calendars - CUSTOM Version
All CALENDARS at once!
Calendar Templates 2007 with Holidays for Excel
Make stylish Planner Calendars - ADVANCED Version
All TEMPLATES at once!
Make stylish Planner Calendars
Make stylish Planner Calendars - BASIC Version
Calendar Plan - Year Planner Template
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00053- Alarm Settings Corrector for Microsoft® Outlook® Microsoft® Outlook® Macro
Waking up at 6:00AM from your mobile phone appointments? Stop your Microsoft® Outlook® full-day appointments waking you up at 6:00AM the previous day by automatically overriding Outlook fixed and unchangeable “18 hours before” alarm settings for full-day appoints. Really EASY to use - Just install and forget. And sleep to your real alarm clock…
00037- Traditional Calendars for Excel Microsoft Excel Macro
Easily generate annual and monthly Traditional & Planning calendars you can print and distribute, based only in Microsoft® Excel®. Five different formats available. Use special colors for special days or events, like holidays or meetings. Automatic event legend. Configurable background and font colors. Optional calendar background image. Traditional, Academic and Fiscal years. Imports data from Microsoft ® Outlook®.
00044- Custom GANTT Charts for Microsoft® Excel® Microsoft Excel Macro
Generate CUSTOM Project style calendar plans with the EXCLUSIVE option to customize our COPYRIGHT messages to create YOUR own REBRANDED Edition. Includes all ADVANCED Edition features plus the REBRANDING option. Distribute CORPORATE versions to your staff.
00027- Get all OfficeHelp.Biz CALENDARS at once! Microsoft Excel Bundles
Interested in more than one of our Microsoft® Excel® Calendars? Don't want the hassle of paying per purchase? Want to SAVE TIME AND MONEY?
00045- New Major Excel Macro Release - OfficeHelp.Biz July 2006 News (Doesn't Apply) Newsletter
It’s been 6 months since our last newsletter (early December). Newsletetrs from OfficeHelp.Biz are only sent when there is relevant new content, as happen this month. Our main product, the Excel based Calendar Plan Generator, has a brand new version with 9 brand new features, including 2 new types of Calendars (Monthly and Yearly), Outlook data import and FULL customization. There are also 2 new FREE PC Tips, regarding privacy and Office automation. Check them below on this newsletter.
00042- Create YOUR OWN Microsoft® Office Macros Microsoft® Office® General PC Tip
Macros are software applications that run inside other applications, like Office packages. While some very sophisticated macros are real pieces of Software, demanding professional developers, ANYONE can create their own automation macros in any of the Microsoft® Office applications.
00002- Calendar Plan Generator - ADVANCED Edition Microsoft Excel Macro
Generate ADVANCED Project style calendar plans, just by entering the tasks and associated data like its name and the starting and end date. Use different colors and select a deadline terminator for each task. Indent each task to its level or sub-level. Change, save and email the resulting calendar as any other regular Microsoft® Excel® file. Includes ADVANCED features like EXTRA plan types, detail filtering, optional fields, extra information of task bars, full customization and Microsoft® Outlook® integration.
00041- Download our PC TIPS in a single PDF file! Microsoft® Office® General Bundles
Interested in our PC Tips? Don't want the hassle of opening / printing one by one? Want to store it locally on your PC disk? Want to SAVE TIME?
00040- Get all OfficeHelp.Biz TEMPLATES at once! Microsoft Excel Bundles
Interested in more than one of our Templates, including all Excel Calendar Templates? Don't want the hassle of paying per purchase? Want to SAVE TIME AND MONEY?
00003- How to read Microsoft® Outlook emails without firing the Read Receipt Microsoft® Outlook® PC Tip
Read Microsoft® Outlook email, including attachments, without firing the read receipt, even on corporate email systems. No IT specialist needed!
00017- Making Microsoft® Outlook email/contacts/calendar backups Microsoft® Outlook® PC Tip
Do you use Outlook to store your email? Do you have email archives that include almost all your professional life from the last few years? If you're anything like most regular users, losing your email archives would be a professional catastrophe. Learn how to backup Outlook's data files on this tutorial.
00020- Recover damaged Microsoft® Outlook Email Archives Microsoft® Outlook® PC Tip
You open Outlook and get an worrying error message: your email / calendar / contacts file is corrupted and can't be opened. You've just lost everything on it!!! Well, not exactly. It is possible to recover the file, partially or even totally, usually with a small loss of the message that provoked the corruption. All with a free utility Microsoft (r) already included on Windows but forgot to tell.

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